Turn $1 into $20 Dollars of Profit, Over and Over Again


Have all zirconia discs become a commodity? Many believe this is the case, to a point, they are correct. It’s the “to a point” piece, I want you to consider for your business. With over a hundred different zirconia discs available in North America things can be overwhelming. And yes many are more or less the same. Low cost, fair-poor esthetics, strong and easy to manufacturer. While the vast majority of labs are looking for cost saving on materials, I would suggest this to be penny wise and dollar foolish.

Having been around dental technology for more than four decades, it’s never been easier to improve the quality of the work you produce. For a $1 or $2 per unit additional material investment you can be producing incredible looking monolithic zirconia. You can easily separate yourself from your competition by offering restorations from a material like AG Zolid FX Multi. I would also suggest, the added value of the restoration to be worth $20 (or more) per unit. This, like some other materials is truly a big step forward in esthetic monolithic restorations. Zolid FX Multi is likely the largest leap in material science since the introduction of Empress. The best thing about this material, all you need to do is mill a different disc. With nearly zero training, you use a pre shaded multi layered disc to produce outstanding, lifelike esthetics and strength. Also approved for sintering single units in just two hours. Has all zirconia become a commodity? No way. The time to move on from “Good Enough” is easy and it’s now.

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