Selecting the Right Zirconia for Each Indication


To begin, let’s look at the comparative analysis of the three major categories of zirconia:

  1. High Strength (HS) flexural strength of 1200 MPa or more
  2. High Translucent (HT) 1100 MPa
  3. Super translucent (ST) 600-700 MPa

Each have a place in your lab, based on the specifics of the restoration being fabricated. Before we can determine the best category for a given case, lets dig into each category indication a little deeper.

Looking at this from a logical perspective, we can easily conclude that we would not use ST material to cover a metal implant abutment or a dark tooth prep, nor should we use ST for large bridges. Keep in mind, this is merely a guide. All bridgework must have adequate connector volume and cantilevers would only be considered when using HS or HT with the exception of possibly a small lateral incisor.

Thanks for reading,

Bob Cohen, CDT

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