Three Year Lease with a Trade UP Plan for New Digital Equipment



At the rate of current new digital technology development, obsolescence is a major factor in just two to three years. Wouldn’t it be great to have a plan when obtaining new scanners, mills or 3D printers to just have possession for 3 years and then replace with the newest best in class solution? Well, Zahn-CAP has made this possible and it cost less than purchasing the equipment outright. It also keeps you up to date and more competitive for the long term.

This concept has been around in the auto industry for decades. When leasing a car, you simply pay a monthly fee for the profit margin and the depreciation that will occur over the term of use. So you can drive a new car for 3 years for much less than it would cost to buy it outright. The same principal is now available when purchasing your digital dental solutions from CAP.

For more details on “Lease with a three year to upgrade” option contact our equipment team at 800-496-9500 (option 9).

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