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Zirconia, What We All Need to Know  (version 2)

Hi All, I have made some very minor adjustments to the original eBook, “Zirconia, What We All Need to Know”. This second edition, now available is  more appropriate for you to either reprint or email and send to your customers and leads. The primary difference between this second version is the omission of the $4 a unit difference in price point per unit for a high end material. Leaving this out, will enable labs that charge higher prices an improved marketing piece.  We have also made a small layout change providing room on the cover for you to add your logo.

Please feel free to copy, reprint and distribute hard copy or email this eBook as you see fit. It has been written to help you succeed and manage through these difficult times, or to separate yourself from “the race to the bottom”.   If we all join in to make this go viral we will have so many dentists asking “what material are you  using?” This could help slow the race to the bottom.

All I ask, if you do use this content for marketing please respond to this blog to let me know how it goes.

To download the new Version 2 eBook Click Here. 

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