AG Introduces New MUST SEE CAD CAM Lineup



I was involved in a new massive product launch meeting with Amann Girrbach. WOW, probably the most aggressive, most comprehensive new product launch I’ve ever since becoming a DT, 1973. With over 50 new developments and a near complete redesign of existing machines and other new incredible innovations.

I will be posting blogs to give more specific updates over the next few weeks. But here is a short list. This all new product line is the “DNA” and uses the old product names, Motion 2, Mikro 4 etc.

  • Scanners Map 400; 2X speed with processing done in the background and easy separation of scan and design stations.
  • Mills, are also much faster. AG has added a 750 KW, 100K RPM spindle to the motion 2.
  • A new dry 5 Axis very affordable Mikro. Again faster than ever
  • A faster 4 Axis Mikro
  • A new Micro IC for milling ceramics. This mill has some new IP that mills e.max Blue block in 15 minutes, saves tools and is really precise. Incidentally this new mill strategy will be included in the new Motion 2 mills as well.

What this system now includes really requires any lab considering a CAD CAM purchase to check out these innovative products.

More can be found here

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