A Conversation with Joshua Polansky

| Interview by Sasha Der Avanessian

Interview by Sasha Der Avanessian The enigmatic smile designer shares his thoughts on inspiration, philosophy, fear, and victory….

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High-performance Plastics and Flexible Removable Partials 

| Beth Collington, Sr Manager, Digital Materials - Global Prosthetic Solutions

We recently conducted a market survey regarding digital dentures and found that 60% of respondents plan to transition to a completely…

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The Digital Age of Removables is Upon Us

| Zahn Dental Team

The past decade has ushered in the digitization of the dental laboratory industry. From the very first mills…

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3Shape Denture Design Step-by-step

| Alex de Vos

In the last decade we have seen extreme advancements in technology. Look around and consider what you might…

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Practice Pink

| Team Schein

Now in its 12th year, Henry Schein’s “Practice Pink” program has raised over $1.5 million to aid in…

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Damaging Milling Burs in the Name of Science!

| Greg Everett

For this guest blog post we’ve worked with Greg Everett from Sierra Dental Tool. Greg is an experienced…

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