Getting Started with Printing KeySplint Soft™ Clear for the Carbon© Platform

With 10 million TMJ patients in the USA,[1] and Bruxism impacting 10 to 20% of the population,[2] there…

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3Shape Denture Design Step-by-step

| Alex de Vos

In the last decade we have seen extreme advancements in technology. Look around and consider what you might…

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Discover the cara Print 4.0 in Your Lab

| Tiffany Goodwin

The Kulzer team is ready to come to you and showcase the 3D printer developed by dental experts….

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Moore’s Law Meets the Dental Lab

| Matt Stratton, Sr. Manager R&D, CAP/Zahn Dental

  Some of you may have heard the term “Moore’s Law” over the years. This was a prediction…

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Breaking the Barrier of the Hidden Costs of 3D Printing

  Yes, 3D printing is becoming more popular in dental labs and clinics. Prior to purchase, we get…

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