Zirlux Prosthetic Components

Expanded digital workflow solutions to help your lab thrive

The Zirlux Prosthetic Components digital workflow system allows you to minimize turnaround times on your single-unit screw-retained and zirconia hybrid custom abutment cases while giving you the control to design for optimum esthetics.

Implant dentistry is one of the fastest growing business segments. Start growing your business and product offering by using the Zirlux Prosthetic Digital Workflow today!

  • Select the necessary Zirlux® Scanning Abutment based on the prescribed implant, platform size, and scanner currently in your laboratory.
  • Insert the required scanning abutment into the model to capture the implant position, angulation, depth, and rotation of the implant.
  • Use the Zirlux® CAD Libraries to scan and design your abutment for in-house manufacturing or partner with an outsourcing partner like Custom Milling Center for the final restoration.


Download DME Library

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