Milling Machines

vhf S5

5 Axes. 8 Discs. 24 Blocks. 16 Tools. Dry/Wet. Mill/Grind.

Highest Precision

  • Restorations in Ultra HD
  • Premium spindle with precision bearing, powerful 600 watts and 60,000 RPM
  • 3 microns repetition accuracy

Tremendous Stability

  • Processes all types of materials, including CoCr, titanium, and glass-ceramics
  • Solid cast-body for minimum vibrations

Maximum Variety

  • Almost unlimited material accessibility in 98 mm disc format as well as 38 block materials and >1,300 prefabricated titanium and CoCr abutment blanks
  • Large indication diversity due to a ± 30° rotation angle in the 5th axis, and up to 30 mm blanks
  • Optional wet-grinding module converts the S5 into a wet-processing machine

Outstanding Reliability

  • Day and night operation
  • 100% engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • 24-month warranty

Maximum Efficiency

  • Milling and grinding around the clock due to automatic changer for 8 discs, 24 blocks, or 48 prefabricated abutments
  • Automatic changer for 16 tools
  • 3 ionizers with neutralize the static charge of acrylic chips – for a clean working chamber
  • Very easy to operate via DentalCAM software with DirectMill function – included in scope of delivery and without license fees