Milling Machines

Roland DWX-52DC

Run jobs continuously and unattended throughout the day, night, or over the weekend.

The DWX-52DC offers dental laboratories the opportunity to be more productive in their current milling environment. With the addition of an automatic disc changer and its ability to hold up to 6 adapters, laboratories now can enjoy the privilege of running jobs continuously and unattended, throughout the day, night or over the weekend. Now users have the opportunity to choose their setup:

  • Working with multiple shades/translucencies of zirconia material
  • Working with various types of materials (zirconia, composite resins, fiber reinforced resins, PMMA, etc.)
  • Increased productivity with multiple adapter changer
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining with fifteen housing units on the Automatic Tool Changer
  • User-friendly functions adopted from previous DWX series models
  • A cleaning tool to remove additional material waste

Benefits: New Disc Adapter

Material adapters are stored in the same place after all jobs are completed. If pin-based materials are desired, an additional pin clamp can be used along with the adapter for efficient milling. The chamber holds up to 6 adapters that can be interchanged between jobs automatically and enable the milling of several jobs simultaneously. Users also have the ability to remove any disk inside the adapter chamber while other jobs are in motion.


Air Pressure Control

With previous DWX series mills, the air pressure would need to be manually adjusted for each material. Now the air pressure can be controlled by the material selected in the CAM software. Users need to have at least 0.2 MPa of air pressure to use the functionality. Currently there are only two CAM platforms with the ability to automatically control the air pressure (Millbox and Follow-Me!). Air compressors are not bundled with the mill and must be purchased as a separate accessory.


More Housings on the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

The DWX-52DC now houses 15 burs and a cleaning tool. Intelligent Tool Controls, a Vpanel software update which allows the ability to swap out burs automatically when they reach their life span, and additional housing units all provide an opportunity to automatically manage burs for everyday use or interchange diamond and hybrid burs for special jobs.

New Barcode Reader

Keeping up with the adapter and the jobs milled on the adapter is now easier than ever. The DWX-52DC provides a barcode on each adapter which allows the user to easily track the jobs on each disk based on their setup in the CAM software. In turn, removing milled units while the disk rests in the adapter will ensure no manual placement needs to be done when reinserting partially-used disks, allowing users to be more efficient when working to conserve material.


New Cleaning Tool

Material waste can be a big deal when removing materials and cleaning out the remaining waste. The DWX-52DC comes with a 16th slot dedicated for the cleaning tool. It removes up to 98% of material waste from milled units and can be done automatically. It takes a little less than 1-minute to remove all the material waste around each unit, depending on the size of the restoration. This functionality is only available through two CAM platforms at the current time (Millbox and Follow-Me!).


User Replaceable Spindle

The DWX-52DC offers a simplified spindle replacement, allowing for a remote service technician to guide the user through the spindle replacement, saving money and time over the long-term use of the mill.


Storage Drawer

The DWX-52DC come with features to help aid the process of inserting material, adapters, burs, and performing basic maintenance. The storage drawer makes it easy for the user to keep track of all these items during or after milling.