Novux E4

Boost productivity with double scan speed, double the accuracy, and double as many cameras.

Boost productivity

For those seeking the speed and accuracy to drive lab productivity and growth, look no further. The E4 boasts double the speed, double the accuracy, and double as many cameras as its predecessor the E3, delivering improved efficiency and consistency with every scan. From small labs seeking the best-of-the-best, to high-volume, full-service labs striving for a leaner workflow, our E4 lab scanner is the right choice for you.

Double Scan speed

11 sec instead of 22 sec (E3)

Scanning a full arch takes just 11 seconds*, helping you produce more cases and increase revenue.

Double accuracy

4 micron instead of 7 micron (E3)

Scan with an accuracy of 4 microns (ISO 12836). Combine this precision with increased speed and you can take on more implant cases.

Double As Many Cameras

4 x 5MP instead of 2 x 5MP (E3)

Four 5 MP cameras save you time by scanning dies in the model instead of individually. You can even scan impressions instead of producing a gypsum model or combine impression and die at the same time.