3D Printers

Kulzer cara Print 4.0

A 3D Printer Developed by Dental Experts.

cara Print 4.0 offers dental technicians a faster, more economical method of producing polymer-based dental appliances in-house. Not only does it provide a cost-effective alternative to milling for certain indications, it is more competitively priced than other 3D printers on the market, while still meeting all the accuracy requirements.

Digital Light Projection (DLP) makes cara Print 4.0 quicker, more economical and more accurate than laser-light technology. And it’s even faster than most other DLP systems.

The intelligent calculation of the illumination sequence and the mechanical movement of the z-axis – combined with the unique properties of the tray window – speed up the manufacturing process significantly. Furthermore, cara Print 4.0 results in smoother, more homogeneous surfaces than competing 3D printers, while the long-lasting resin tray remains transparent and stable as long as it is not mechanically damaged.


  • Night guards
  • Impression trays
  • Surgical guides
  • Dental models
  • Cap-to-cast structures

Technical Details 

Polymerization technology: Digital Light Projection (HD DLP @ 405 nm)
Building area: 103 x 58 x 130 mm
Resolution (X & Y-axes): 53.6 μm
Layer thickness (Z-axis resolution): 30 – 100 μm (varies by indication & speed vs. resolution needs)
Average build speed: 50 mm/hour (@ 50 μm)
Min./Max. build speed: 15 – 120 mm/hour
Average duration of 1 print cycle: < 1 hour
Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet or USB
Input format: open STL
CAD software compatibility: All CAD programs using open STL
CAM software: cara Print CAM, included with purchase
Printer dimensions: 267 x 420 x 593 mm
Printer weight: 21 kg
Non-clouding resin trays: 2 included with purchase