Printing Materials

KeyPrint® 3D Resins

Specifically formulated for the dental industry, and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

KeyPrint® 3D Resins

In an industry that is increasingly defined by the ability to innovate, adapt, and produce consistent results, Keystone Industries is proud to introduce KeyPrint®—a new line of precision 3D resins specifically formulated for the dental industry.

Product Line:


  • Crown, bridge, and implant models
  • Orthodontic clear aligner models
  • Diagnostic modeling
  • Colored for easy visibility of margins and tooth anatomy
  • Carvable without chipping
  • Pairs perfectly with KeyMask™


  • KeyOrthoModel® is designed for high-speed and accurate prints
  • Perfect for thermoforming aligners and orthodontic devices


  • A flexible yet firm gingival mask that simulates the look and feel of gum tissue
  • Perfect for digital restoration planning
  • Easily trimmed to create a proper emergence profile or sculpted for proper pontic shape


  • Compatible with rapid burnout and gradual temperature ramp workflows with no residual ash
  • Used with chrome, cobalt, gold, and silver
  • Low shrinkage formula controls thermal expansion to yield pore-free and accurate castings