Ceramill Zolid FX 71mm Zirconia Disc

Ceramill Zolid FX Classic is a super-high translucent (SHT) zircon oxide, which is suitable for monolithic and anatomically reduced restorations in the anterior region due to its excellent optical characteristics. A coordinated staining concept of colouring liquids and stains was specially developed for Ceramill FX Classic for customization and completion of the aesthetics. Aesthetic finalization is carried out using the stain and glaze materials Ceramill Stain & Glaze. Monolithic restorations, in particular, are given brilliance and light dynamics with the Ceramill Stain & Glaze.

  • Excellent material properties guarantee easy, edge-stable processing in the pre-sintered state
  • Ceramill Zolid FX Classic does not undergo ageing and maintains its strength over the long term
  • High translucency with simultaneous strength enables fabrication of three-unit monolithic bridges as far as the molar region
  • Unique colouring system for economic and precise staining according to the VITA classical shade guide
  • Super-high translucent with long-term stability due to material-friendly sintering at 1450° degrees


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