3D Printers

BEGO Varseo S

The 3D printing system specially developed for dental uses with an innovative cartridge system

The new smart 3D printer Varseo S – as the further development of Varseo – will delight you with it’s compact and stylish design and the following features:



  • Extensive and expandable range of materials and indications


  • High construction speed independent of the number of elements to be produces
  • User-friendly display for quick and easy access to all important functions
  • Network capability of the device permits rapid BEGO service via remote control


  • Approximately 30% larger building plate than the previous Varseo model allows simultaneous printing of even more objects
  • Unique cartridge system
  • Material change in seconds
  • Low material consumption
  • Minimal material ageing
  • Simple material handling and storage – directly in the cartridge, without decanting


  • “Open STL file” device for all dental software solutions


  • Partial dental frameworks
  • Models
  • Surgical guides
  • Trays

Product Details:

Height: 748 mm
Width: 362 mm
Depth: 461 mm
Weight: 47 kg
Nominal voltage: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated capacity: 100 VA
Dimensions (L × W × H): 110 × about 65 × 85 mm
Resolution: 60 μm (± 30 μm)
Layer: 50 – 100 μm
Building speed: 20 – 40 mm/h

Material Packages:

Material package VarseoWax CAD/Cast
(VarseoWax CAD/Cast 1 kg + cartridge incl. stamp + VarseoVest P 6 kg)
Material package VarseoWax Tray
(VarseoWax Tray 1 kg + cartridge incl. stamp)
Material package VarseoWax Surgical Guide
(VarseoWax Surgical Guide 1 kg + cartridge incl. stamp)
Material package VarseosSmile Splint
(VarseoSmile Splint 1 kg + cartridge incl. stamp)
Material package VarseoWax Model
(VarseoWax Model 1 kg + cartridge incl. stamp)

*One quantity of each