Wash and Cure

BEGO Otoflash

Light-curing device for rapid and reliable light-curing of VarseoWax and VarseoSmile resins.

The BEGO Otoflash is a photo ash device specifically developed for the BEGO Varseo 3D printing system. The processing parameters are tailored to the Varseo 3D printing system and ensure faultless production processes and rapid and reliable curing of VarseoWax resins.


  • The broad wavelength range ensures very good curing of the resins and that the final physical properties of the printed restorations are achieved.
  • BEGO Otoflash has two flashlight bulbs shining from below into the polymerization chamber and hence makes short resin light- curing times possible.
  • The wide wavelength field ensures very good resin hardening and hence achievement of the final physical characteristics of the printed objects.
  • The protective gas equipment prevents oxygen inhibition, guarantees completely adhesive-free surface curing and hence efficient reduction of the residual monomer content and biocompatibility.
  • The device can be used for photopolymerization of all materials that harden under light at wavelengths of from 300 to 700 nm.