Sintering Furnaces

Amann Girrbach Ceramill Argotherm

Shielding gas sinter furnace and flood chamber for Ceramill Sintron®

Ceramill Argotherm is a high-temperature furnace and was specially developed for sintering Ceramill Sintron®.

The Ceramill Argotherm is easily operated at the press of a button and controls the sinter program of the milled CoCr units. The compact furnace that requires minimum space is used as a benchtop model and cools actively after sintering.

The removable Ceramill Argovent® sinter chamber, ensures minimal consumption of argon gas and homogeneous, distortion-free sintering of the restorations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions D/W/H: 385 x 400 x 465 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Eletrical connections: V/Hz 220-240/50-60
  • Power: 3,5 kW
  • Max. temperature: 1.550° C
  • Fuse (time-delayed): 4A
  • Degree protection – IP20
  • Thermal protection class according to DIN EN 60519-2: Class 0
  • Sound pressure level: < 80 db(A)


  • Controls the sinter program, which was specially developed for Ceramill Sintron®
  • Controls the shielding gas supply of the Ceramill Argovent sinter chamber
  • Coordinated system guarantees a constant high quality of the restoration
  • Actively cools after sintering
  • Sintering at the press of a button – very easy operation
  • Sintering under shielding gas
  • Minimal shielding gas consumption
  • Perfect shielding gas flushing at the sinter framework

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