Must-see Lectures & Table Clinics in the Zahn Dental Ballroom #lmtlabday2018

| Sam Wainwright |

The Zahn team has been hard at work pulling together best-in-class, CE-accredited education for LMT LAB DAY 2018 featuring 17 lectures and 14 table clinics ranging in topics from 3D printing to LiSi Press. We’ve pulled together a list of some of the hottest topics:


  • Zirlux Acetal — The Millable Super-material: Join Kris Schermerhorn, CDT as he takes us step-by-step through acetal workflows, including partial frameworks, provisional C&B, bite splints, and cosmetic smile enhancers. Register.
  • The Current State of Digital Dentures: There is no hotter topic in the dental industry right now than the digitization of dentures. In this course Vincent Verderosa, CDT  covers several workflows for both partial and full digital dentures. Register
  • Elements of Successful Sintering — Don’t Get Burned: Just like other CAD CAM equipment in the lab, proper operation and maintenance of a sintering furnace is crucial to producing high-end zirconia restorations. Learn more from Pamela Hanneman, CDT in this course. Register
  • Down to Earth Application for Out of This World Zirconia: Lucas Lammott, CDT will cover 3 cases utilizing three different Amann Girrbach zirconia materials including the new Zolid HT+. Register.
  • Anterior Biomimetic with GC Initial LiSi Press: Join Bill Marais, RDT for an in-depth look at GC’s breakthrough material, Initial LiSi Press. Register.


To register or see more of the 30+ educational offerings from Zahn learn more here.


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