Zirconia: We’ve Come a Long Way!


Going back just a few years, BruxZir zirconia was introduced as the first monolithic zirconia material. Marketed by Glidewell Laboratories as “More Brawn than Beauty,” Bruxzir was an instant success for molar crowns. Moving the needle forward, many zirconia manufacturers have invested in R&D to make a more aesthetic zirconia for monolithic restorations. In fact, we all know zirconia has become quite aesthetic. What you may not be aware of is something new and amazing.

Amann Girrbach, of Austria, has been working on a new generation material that is likely the most esthetic monolithic zirconia ever introduced: Zolid FX Multi. It is made using multiple shades of zirconia with a blended zone between each layer. We have seen multi-layered zirconia materials before, but honestly nothing I have seen compares to Zolid FX Multi.

Currently available in A and B shades with C and D due out this summer.

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The photos of the crowns were milled from Zolid FX Multi and are monolithic restoration that were milled, sintered, stained, and glazed in CAP’s production center by Lucas Lammott.

Hope you enjoyed the read, I know you will love the material.

Bob Cohen, CDT

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