Digital Dentures in Action: Zahn Expo 2019

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It’s not everyday your industry undergoes a revolution, let alone two. We saw it years ago when Zirconia came to market with the advent of digital technology. Labs began dipping their toe in the water by partnering with outsourcing centers who made the initial investment in capital equipment to produce their own restorations. Fast forward a few years, and all signs point to another revolution already under way – digital dentures.

It’s no secret in our industry, denture production is labor intensive, timely and now, finding skilled technicians to keep up with production is becoming more of a challenge.

From milling to printing and new design software modules, manufacturers continue to invest and focus on taking this analog process digital without sacrificing aesthetics of the final appliance. It’s an exciting time to be in the dental lab industry and see what technology can do for our workflows, and ultimately improve the patients overall care. It’s important to remember digital technology is a tool in the toolbox and not the end all be all. Who wouldn’t want a little help along the way?

Next week, you can see how digital technology can change your lab practice at the Zahn Expo in West Palm Beach Florida. Here are a few sessions taking place next week:

  • Deep Dive: Printing Digital Dentures on the Kulzer cara Print 4.0
  • Post Processing Techniques for Printed Dima Dentures
  • Milled vs. Printed: A Comparative Review of Outsourced Digitally Fabricated Dentures
  • Digital Dentures a Viable Alternative for Saving Time and Money in your Laboratory
  • Part 1: Digital Denture Design Workshop
  • Part 2: Digital Denture Design Workshop

Click here to view the full Zahn Expo Agenda!

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