AG Zolid HT+: Simply Amazing!

| Pam Hanneman, CDT |


When I was asked to try the new Ceramill Zolid HT+ and share some feedback with Amann Girrbach I was honored to do so. Already a fan of the FX line I wasn’t sure what to expect from the promise that it’s 10% more translucent than the original Zolid. When I envisioned what that 10% would look like I wasn’t even close to the breathtaking results that I achieved. What a win to create a vital and translucent restoration without having to compromise on the strength. 1100 MPa is suitable to restore anything from a single to a large-span bridge. In the past if we needed strength and superior aesthetics we had to do an incisal layering, adding production time to the case.

Traditionally trained ceramicists have always had a tough time accepting the zirconia full contour restoration due to the high value and lack of translucency needed to duplicate incisal.  As a ceramicist myself, I tend to be very critical when evaluating new products, especially when they promise to be more aesthetic. If you’re like me it might be challenging to envision what 10 % higher translucency looks like when working on a real case.

Left side: Zolid (1200 MPa)  |  Right side: Zolid HT+ (1100 MPa with 10%+ translucency)

zolid ht+ 1









The Workflow

  1. Prepare the units for shading
  2. Apply Zolid FX shading liquid on the incisal (one application with a brush at the cervical in one shade darker than prescribed)
zolid ht+ 2









  1. 10 second dip into the dentin shade
zolid ht+ 3





  1. Blot dry
  2. Dry under heat lamp for 25 minutes
  3. Sinter per IFU (if you’re looking for additional information on how to sinter to optimal results, check out my on-demand webinar, Sintering Zirconia: What You Need to Know.)
zolid ht+ 4












  1. Prepare to be wowed
zolid ht+ 5








As you can see the process was very simple, time-efficient, and easy to work into a production environment, while allowing the flexibility to add the liquids and tools to do more intricate green-state shading if needed.

Amann Girrbach has hit another homerun with this versatile product meeting all the needs for strength and natural beauty. To learn more go here.

Pam Hanneman








Pamela Hanneman, CDT


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