Marketing Your Dental Lab


If you attended Lab Day Chicago this year you probably saw an interesting new theme emerge from the annual meeting, more education clinics dedicated to topics you might not associate with the dental lab industry.

CAP provided two such sessions at Chicago centered on helping dental lab owners market their lab and expand their business. Below are the slides from the first of those two sessions and highlights the differences between inbound and outbound marketing, provides insight into the benefits of both, and outlines three things you can do today to help your lab become more marketing savvy.

Marketing your dental lab, when executed well, can help raise awareness of products and services and drive new lines of business. This presentation explores a few different ways to use content to your advantage to achieve that end: your website, print marketing, and Google AdWords. The key point to remember is that any marketing endeavor must help your overall goal as a company, otherwise it can be a drain on your time and money without provided a positive return on investment.

Three quick starter items you can implement today:

    • Evaluate your website for freshness and refreshability – do you have a web presence and does it reflect the most current information on your business? How quickly could you update it if you needed to?
    • Develop a print marketing plan for a particular service or offering – print services such as Alpha Graphics can provide pricing and work with you to develop materials.
  • Identify one or two offerings that you could promote on Google AdWords – AdWords allows you to expand your lab’s reach, digitally, and has a relatively low cost of entry allowing you to start small and scale easily.

Marketing may seem like a daunting task, but there are many ways to dip your toe in the water without incurring large expenses or spending a large amount of time. Many marketing services are just as useful to a two or three person dental lab as they are for a large organization. The key, start small but think big.

Be on the lookout for more marketing and business development offerings from CAP in the near future.

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