Roland’s New DWX-51D Mill


Roland of Japan has launched an all new dry 5-axis mill today. The well known and very popular DWX-50 is being replaced with this new mill that offers several new design elements that make this mill a next generation machine.

The DWX-51D has many incremental improvements. For anyone that has felt milling is too complex, this mill is the answer. It is also able to produce the most complex geometries needed in dental, to a very high quality. This mill is very simple to operate. Training for this mill can be accomplished in about 2 hours over the phone. No need to travel to a remote training location to become “qualified”. The housing is now metal instead of plastic. The mill is sleek looking and has a more vertical design, requiring a little less bench space. Here are some of the more important specs for this new mill: Improved 5 axis radius. Maximum “B” axis rotation on the DWX-50 is 20 degrees, the new DWX-51D is 30 degrees. 10 tool holder, DWX-50 had only a 5 tool holder Ball screw drives, rather than wire drive 148 lbs, considerably heavier, more robust mill. Easy user spindle replacement. No more shipping the mill for spindle replacement The mechanicals are now outside of milling chamber resulting in less debri around critical mill parts. Ionizer for keeping the mill cleaner when milling PMMA Materials: Zirconia, Peek, Composite, Wax, Gypsum Industry best full 2 year factory warranty Extended warranty available for up to 5 years. Including spindle replacement A Cerec pin type holder (9 units at once) included

We have had the mill running at CAP for a few days and it’s very quiet, very sleek looking and operates at about the same speed as its predecessor. We are really happy to be offering this mill at just $25K. For a limited time we will be adding a FREE $3,200 starter kit with tool, zirconia, coloring liquids and more. Cost of ownership for a new DWX-51D is about $500 a month. If you are outsourcing, this may be the time to bring milling in house.

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Bob Cohen, CDT

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