Roland DWX-4W


Roland, being one of the more successful mill manufacturers in dental, has launched the DWX-4W mill. This simple to operate mill has been specifically designed for milling glass ceramic blocks and is wet only. This mill has been fixtured with a three (Cerec type) block holder, so simultaneous milling of three e.max-like blocks can be accomplished.

Like the Roland DWX-50, it is my anticipation this new mill will become just as commonplace as the dry 5-axis. By adding a mill like the DWX-W4, one can add workflows like a crown in a day to local dentists and very easily accommodate rush cases. I first saw the DWX in Chicago LMT meeting and a few weeks later at IDS. At the time it was the only one in the world. Today, Roland has the planned delivery date in July and has announced the price, $25,995 including CAM. We are not sure of the size of the supply chain when first released. If you’re interested in adding a mill with a wet spindle for ceramics to your laboratory feel free to contact CAP sales. For more info go to:

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Bob Cohen, CDT

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