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If your mill is at or near capacity or is in need of replacement, what are the options? Today, unlike any other time in dental technology, the options are abundant. I recently posted a blog on the added efficiencies of disc changers in mills. I wanted to share another very viable option.

As it turns out, the “lights out” production capabilities of having a mill with a disc changer is certainly viable, but there is another way to look at total production capacity per dollar spent on quality mills for zirconia. The all-new Amann Girrbach Mikro 5-axis DNA mill should be considered for added capacity. It is now possible to purchase two Mikro 5’s at a cost similar to that of a mill with a disc changer. In addition, the Mikro 5 is fast compared to most other mills in its class. When pushing the pencil to do the math on production, the results are probably not what you may think. Here is how it works out:


consideration when purchasing a mill blog chart
From the chart above we can draw some really interesting conclusions about the advantages of having two spindles running versus one with a disc changer.

  • Workday production is almost triple when you have two Mikro 5 mills. This will result in getting many more units into the sintering furnace a day earlier.
  • Added versatility of two spindles. If you need a unit fast, you have an extra mill to push it through. Add 2-hour sintering and it’s out the door in a day. For more on 2-hour sintering, check out this blog.
  • Increased daily capacity by over 30%.
  • What happens if the mill with a disc changer goes down during the night?

Whether it’s a mill with a disc changer or two Mikro 5’s, the choice is yours. I prefer the two mill option as it’s a financially superior decision.

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