Pink is the New Gray


Keystone Dental Implants, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Keystone Dental has a titanium implant, Genesis, that though a proprietary manufacturing process includes an AnaTite pink collar circumferentially around the coronal aspect of the implant. This AnaTite pink enables a more natural, long lasting esthetic benefit of reducing or eliminating the gray, often seen through thin soft tissue biotype sites. To round out the Genesis implant line, pink abutments are also available to insure NO gray shows through in the cervical area of implant restorations.

Other Genesis features include:

  • Dual thread design to optimize torque for immediate load cases
  • A patented 6 lobe connection
  • Medialized connection or switching design
  • Conical seal
  • Even load distribution
  • Fits the natural architecture of molar sites (as well as all others) with 7, 8 and 9mm diameter implants

You would likely think this is enough to consider using the Keystone Genesis implant, but what make this implant even better, Keystone Dental is making a charitable contribution to the American Cancer Society for every Genesis implant sold from now through 12-31-2016. These funds have been directed to help cure breast cancer.

It seems to me there are so many reasons to be prescribing Keystone Dental, Genesis implants. For more information go to

Thanks for reading and helping to support such a great cause.

Bob Cohen, CDT

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