Super Translucent Zirconia Update



Back in December I posted a blog on this new generation of super translucent full contour zirconia discs. Things at CAP are moving really fast. We are on the verge of launching two different materials. First, cubeX², manufactured in Germany by Dental Direct is a solid white disc that includes specially designed water based coloring liquids. We have nailed down the coloring process and are now obtaining consistent shades. cubeX² has a flexural strength of 720MPa, making it twice the strength of e.max blue block.

In addition to cubeX², we have been working with a US disc manufacturer on a pre-shaded disc, CAP Anterior. Similar in translucency and strength to cubeX², we have now worked out the formulations of all 16 vita shades plus bleach. It is my expectation that labs can use all 16 shades or go with a smaller inventory. To reduce inventories it’s possible to use disc shade A1 for shades A1, A2 and possibly A3. Disc shaded A3.5 can also be used for A4, and so on. We are anticipating an April launch for this product.

We are now taking preorders for starter kits for both cubeX² and CAP Anterior.  The kits include the following:

cubeX² Starter Kit $995

  • 6, 12mm discs
  • 2, 14mm discs
  • Complete green state coloring kit
  • All vita shades and enamals
  • Glaze paste

CAP Anterior (Pre-shaded) Starter Kit $895

  • 8, 14mm discs
  • Shades A1, A3, B1, B3, C1, C3, D2, D4
  • Green state finishing kit
  • Glaze paste

To pre-order call today 800-496-9500 (option 9)

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