New Beginnings – Why Zahn, Why Dental, Why not?



Spring has sprung, the trees and brush are taking on their green and red hues as the buds begin to form in anticipation of the growing season. The warm sun and gentle breezes have us yearning for warmer days ahead. I too am in the midst of a new beginning. I recently joined the team at Henry Schein’s laboratory division, Zahn Dental, and am working with the CAP and CMC teams to bring solutions to my fellow lab technicians across the country.

When I was approached about the position, it immediately intrigued me. Those of you that have known me over the years are aware of my passion for the lab industry. I have always looked for ways to pull from the business community and the manufacturing sector ways to innovate process. Variable reduction, automation, visual indicators, turn times and shadow boards; these are some of the things you have heard me obsess about over the years. During my interview process I spoke with some of the leadership team at both Zahn and CAP, some of the people are friends that I have known from the industry for a long time and others were casual acquaintances from meetings like Chicago Mid-Winter or contacts on LinkedIn. I also met some new people during the process and came to the conclusion that I wanted to be part of this movement at Henry Schein to make a difference.

This industry has been going through a rapid transformation, change upon change, at sometimes break neck speed. Labs are having to adapt to these changes and the Schein team realizes that we have many resources that can help with this evolution. One of the things that impressed me most was the outlook or approach to doing business here has an underlying mantra of finding the win for all involved. The concept of a partnership that transcends the immediate borders one would normally think of. The idea of doing what is best for not only the component that comes before us and after us but following that all the way through. Carrying the benefit forward to the lab and beyond to the doctor and then to the patient as the end consumer. Impacting not only our customers but also our suppliers and the communities in which we all live and do business with.

When I looked at the possibilities of helping the people I have worked with over the years and ultimately improving the treatment delivery to the patients receiving services, I couldn’t help but want in! I have been very fortunate over the years to have worked with some incredibly talented technicians and clinicians that have shared their knowledge and techniques with me. I look forward to sharing those lessons and so much more with this industry that has been very good to me. It is humbling to be a part of this group at Zahn. The team they have been building is poised to help our industry blaze the new trail through the ever changing landscape we call the “lab business”.

I am delighted to be along for this ride and look forward to seeing my friends from over the years and making new friends as we work together to have more fun, doing better things, and making a lasting difference.


John Ackley

Manager, Training and Technical Services

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