Artex, The Most Well Thought Out Articulator

| Bob Cohen, CDT |

Recently, Amann Girrbach (AG) agreed to open sales of the Artex articulator to CAP. As a result, CAP is now distributing the entire AG end-to-end dental lab solution. Artex is one of the only adjustable articulators available not designed by a dentist, but rather technicians and mechanical engineers. This unique combination results in a well thought-out, most practical  system.

Rich in Functional Choice

First, the Artex line includes six different articulators. One can select from either arcon or non-arcon as well as a variety of instruments ranging from average condylar setting to more user adjustable instruments. In addition, a model room only articulator has been added to the product line so your precision articulators are never exposed to wet plaster or stone. Here are some of the many benefits to the Artex articulator:

  • Choice of functionality when purchasing
  • Models mounted on any Artex will transfer to other Artex articulators with incredible accuracy
    • No need to ship articulators back and forth from dentist to lab
    • No more looking for a specific articulator to work on a case
  • Easy calibration process
  • Magnetic plates for easy model removal
  • Carbon frame for rigidity and lightweight
  • Articulator frame is designed so the articulator can be tipped back (about 40 degrees) on a bench for a hands-free, visual sight line parallel to the occlusal plane
  • All Artex articulators come with a uniquely designed flat anterior guide table that enables quick and easy fabrication of a custom incisal guide table that is easily removable and transferred to any other Artex

A Well Engineered Facebow

In addition the system also has a very well engineered facebow. Here are a few of the really nice features to the Artex facebow.

  • The entire fork assembly tightens with a single thumb screw and requires little torque to compete tightening of a universal joint. This eliminates tilted mountings.
  • Very simple to use. We have trained many dental assistants to take this measurement and they do very well.
  • There is a matching transfer stand that eliminates sending the facebow to the lab to get the maxillary cast mounted.
  • The maxillary model can also be mounted by attaching the facebow directly to the instrument.

 An Instrument for the Model Room

I am also a big fan of the model room instrument. This articulator was developed for a few reasons:

  • Never get wet stone on your high end functional instrument.
  • Comes with an incisal pin that in NOT adjustable. This eliminates the possibility of mounting cases with the pin opened or closed.
  • This model room articulator is a straight hinge. No condylar movements possible. Again, reduced risk of bad mounting.

 In conclusion, providing precision prosthetics requires dedication to getting the case done right by all involved. It also takes in investment in quality materials and equipment, articulator included.

To learn more about Artex, we will be exhibiting the entire Artex product line, at LMT LAB DAY Chicago, later this week. Please stop by the Comiskey Room at the Hyatt as we will also be running  a promotion on everything Artex. Learn more about the Artex line here.

Thanks for reading,

Bob Cohen, CDT

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