Implementing a Best-Practice Communication Protocol for Outsourcing Digital Dentures

Outsourcing is an ideal solution for laboratories who are either considering transitioning to a digital workflow for their removables or are considering adding a denture offering for the first time. Finding a trusted outsourcing partner and building a best-practice communication protocol serve as the foundation for successfully taking your analog removable department digital. In this course, attendees will learn about what to look for when selecting an outsourcing partner as well as step-by-step instructions for implementing a best-practice communication protocol with them. Recommended for dental technicians.

Learning Objectives: 
1. Learn what to expect when you take a denture department digital
2. Discuss how to outsource digital dentures
3. Explain communication protocol best practices with outsourcing partners and clients for successful outcomes

Speaker: Vincent Verderosa, CDT

Date: Friday, September 28, 2018

Time: 11:ooam – 12pm MST

Location: IDT Digital Denture Symposium • Phoenix, AZ