The Way We Learn is Now Right In Our Hands



Technology, as we know, is becoming more and more a way of life. Because of this, going to school or taking a class is no longer the only way of obtaining knowledge. If you are sitting at home and wish you had a certain skill set or hobby, the ability to learn it is right at your fingertips. You can search for anything you can think of on Google and YouTube and get hundreds of videos or content related to exactly what you’d like to learn. YouTube videos are available for every level from beginning to advanced. A Google search will provide the basics to in-depth studies and published articles.

A recent example of this was when an 8 year old wanted to go to McDonald’s so he hopped on YouTube and learned the rules of driving. He then took his little sister, hopped in their parents’ vehicle, and went through the drive-through himself. Witnesses say he was following all the rules of the road and was seen as a better driver than most Massachusetts drivers. Yes, this is an unsafe example, but proves the point of this blog to say that you can learn anything you want to on YouTube. There are no more limits to what you can achieve if you just take some time and do some research on the internet. You can read the full news story here.

After reading this, think of a skill you want to build or a new hobby you want to take up. Go to YouTube or Google, do the search and see what pops up. You would be amazed with what people have taken the time to record, edit, and post in order to teach others. It is never too late to learn something new.


Robin Stratton

Marketing Specialist

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