Top 3 Ways to Boost Your Dental Knowledge


1. Your network is one of your biggest assets. The people you are surrounded by everyday have a lot of knowledge and you’ll be able to learn from one another.  Whether it is your coworker, boss, customer, or supplier you will be able to learn something from each person.  Some will have product knowledge, others can share techniques, and others will have business insight.  A good way to get closer to your clients and offer them a better service is spending more time in their office.  Ask if you can observe, you will be able to learn about their pain points, get more insight about their business and try to improve upon them.  This can make you indispensable.

2. Online Resources are an endless way to boost your dental knowledge, with everything from eBooks, blogs, videos, to websites. You can also join forums like Dentaltown and the Dental Lab Network and learn about topics you are interested in.  Another wonderful resource is CAP Academy, which has over 300 videos about cutting-edge dental lab technology.  Also, be sure to take advantage of webinars offered by manufacturers and suppliers.

3. Live events are a great way to learn and get a hands-on experience. Having the chance to be coached by an instructor brings the experience to another level. Some skills like the Immediate Load Protocol, are becoming increasingly in demand, and observing it first is essential.  Some dental implant companies are offering live demonstrations on the protocol.  Another good place to look is the CAP classroom training page to see the most up to date classroom training offerings.


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