What to Look For at LAB DAY Chicago 2018 — And Where to Find It #lmtlabday2018

| Sam Wainwright |

Every February thousands of lab owners, lab managers, and dental technicians descend upon Chicago to network, earn CE credits, learn about the newest technologies, and see the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer. Judging by the announcements we’ve seen — and we’re sure there are plenty more to come — this year is shaping up to be no different. We’ve pulled together a list of the must-see products and where to find them:


  • Formlabs Form Cell — 3D printing automation has arrived in full force in the dental lab. The Form Cell is a customized solution that uses a robotic arm along with an intuitive control software to produce 3D printed models and other indications. Learn more in Zahn Dental Ballroom EF.
  • Roland 52DCi and 52D — Roland’s 52DC is now available in two new models: the 52D is a 52DC without the disc changer and the 52DCi includes the disc changer and augmented software. These will be on display in the Roland Ballroom Michigan 3.
  • Amann Girrbach Zolid HT+ — Amann Girrbach has continued to knock it out of the park with their high-performing line of zirconia discs. HT+ is a high-strength zirconia best for posterior restorations and we love that esthetics meet strength in this beautiful zirconia product. Check it out in Zahn Dental Ballroom EF or Amann Girrbach Ballroom CD.
  • Renfert EASYview 3D Viewer — This innovative video microscope features a 3D monitor and is ideal for post-processing QC as well as training. See it in action at Renfert’s booth number I-22 & J-29 or in Zahn Dental Ballroom EF.
  • Outsourced Digital Dentures — CMC will unveil their outsourced digital denture product in the Zahn ballroom. Both standard and economy digital denture options will be featured. Finally, the ease of sending a model or STL file and receiving a digitally fabricated denture has arrived!
  • Zirlux Anterior Multi-layer — Esthetics meets strength in this anterior multilayer zirconia. Come to the Zahn Ballroom to see the entire Zirlux product line on display.
  • Dekema 654i Pressing/Porcelain Combination Furnace — We have all come to know and love Dekema sintering furnaces and their easy-to-use, high-tech control software — come see the 654i, a combination pressing/porcelain furnace in Zahn Ballroom EF.


Learn more about what’s happening in the Zahn Dental Ballroom here. We look forward to seeing you there!



Sam Wainwright

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