LMT LAB DAY Chicago Survival Kit

| Andrea Klos |

LMT LAB Day Chicago is just around the corner. Are you ready for it? We’ve put together a quick checklist of what to pack and plan to help get you through it.


Charge Your Gadgets (and your spares) (and your power banks) — Compulsively checking your email, using navigation, and taking pictures (which we all do) while you’re away from a power source all day because you’re busy at lectures and networking is a surefire way lose battery power – not to mention, cold weather drains battery life really quickly. Be prepared for this eventuality with spares and a power bank like this.

Pack a Tech Pouch — I travel a fair amount for my role as the Marketing Manager for Zahn, CAP, and CMC, and recently started using a tech pouch to have easy organization and quick access to all my devices, adapters, headphones, etc. I cannot recommend getting one of these enough to help stay organized during travel.

Don’t Get Sick! — I think we all remember the terrible cold/flu that made the rounds at LAB DAY 2016. Don’t let that be you this year! Pack some vitamin C supplements and take them proactively to help avoid getting sick.

Need CEs? Now’s the Time! — There are literally hundreds of CE credits for the taking at LAB DAY on topics ranging from 3D printing to digital dentures to layering techniques and everything in between. This is the one time of the year when your only job is to learn — take the time to craft a strategy and lay out exactly what you want to learn about, map that to the available courses, and register for them as soon as possible while space is still available. Check out our lectures and table clinics here.

Make a Hit List — Every year LAB DAY is the place where all the hot products are released (especially on non-IDS years, which this is). We recently posted a blog with a curated list – print it out and use it at your cheat sheet. 

Stay Warm! — It’s February. In Chicago. While no one wants to carry around a giant puffer jacket all day, a cozy scarf (extra points if it’s big enough to serve as a blanket), winter hat or even wearing camp socks are great non-bulky alternatives to help keep you toasty. (I know I’ll be packing mine!)

Shoe Inserts — Even the most comfortable shoes WILL start to hurt your feet after a few hours of walking, standing, and networking (I think mine still hurt from last year!). Bring an alternative pair of shoes to switch it up and pack a pair of inserts to wear before your feet start to hurt.

Combat the Dry Air — Bring some heavy duty hand cream like this and apply it often. The dry air can be tough on your hands — and you need them in good working condition when you get back to the lab.

Staying home this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be attending and reporting on educational events and have our own hit list of new products to visit. Expect lots of blogs and videos to come soon!


Andrea Klos

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