Knowing When Your Mill is Obsolete


There have been so many changes in mill design and technology over the last few years that you could be running equipment that is costing you efficiencies and customers. If this is the case, you have also lost your edge on the market as its highly likely your competition is doing the same work at a lower cost, less aggravation, and much more efficiently. If you are operating an unreliable mill the cost is likely substantially greater than you may realize. The aggravation and time wasted with shipping, waiting for a loaner and setting it up, getting your mill repaired and then swapping out a loaner once your mill is fixed all comes with a high cost, probable late case deliveries and potential loss of customers.  That said, more recent mill designs feature improved components for longer lasting and increased dependability.  

At CAP we are so happy to be offering a new promotion, trade in your old and upgrade to a state-of-the-art, newly designed, high-quality mill. These new mills have been designed with components that are built to keep dust out, last for years and improve your reliability dramatically. For more information on upgrading your obsolete mill call our equipment team at 800-496-9500 (option 9). 

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