3Shape Lab Solution Special Offer

3Shape Lab Solution Special Offer

Receive $1,225 off your new scanner with Dental System Removable!


All new scanner purchases will be eligible for an Abutment Designer add-on at no additional cost.


*Promotion cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Ships with order. Offer ends 12/30/19.


Why 3Shape?

Reliable Dental Partner ​• Excellence favored by thousands of labs in over 120 countries ​• 400+ developers creating leading technology to maximize profitability for labs ​• Driving digital dentistry with 100+ pending patents
High Quality CAD/CAM system ​• Fast scanners with documented accuracy ​• Intuitive software that enables exceptional digital craftmanship ​ • Listed scanners, developed according to ISO standards and Red Dot recognized
A solution for every need and budget ​• Largest suite of scanners ​• Unrivalled integration with TRIOS and third-party IOS, mills and 3D printers ​• Widest range of treatment workflows


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