What Would You Want in a Mill, If You Had 10 Wishes?

Before we start with a list, let’s take a look at how far we have come in less than a decade. Just 10 years ago, state of the art in dental technology was likely the Lava Forum mill. This industrial mill was retrofitted for dental labs to produce single units, was 4 axis, slow and massive at about 1500 Lbs. It used a plastic frame that enabled nesting of a maximum of two units in one block, sold with a scanner and CAD for nearly a quarter of a million dollars. This mill did provide a quality zirconia coping but nothing else. Obviously we have come a long way in a short time. Mills today are far more costs effective, smaller and produce many more indications using many more materials. OK, enough said.

Lets go for the mill wish list:

  1. A mill that will likely be able to mill any material or indication brought to our industry
  2. A dry mill that can later be upgraded to wet
  3. A mill that’s designed to mill any indication using best mill strategy, regardless of fixture and does not limit you to a disc to mill parts
  4. A mill that is available in either 4 or 5 axis
  5. A mill that is built to quickly go from wet to dry and dry to wet
  6. A mill that mills nearly unlimited indications very accurately
  7. A robust design that fits on a bench, has a small footprint and fits through the door
  8. A mill that when purchased comes with great training, support and backup milling if needed
  9. A mill that has a simple quick procedure for changing the fixture for improved mill strategies and capabilities
  10. An affordable mill that comes with an ROI that works great without needing to put huge volumes of work in it for economic success
  11. A mill designed to not become obsolete

Sorry, I came up with 11 (not 10) items on my wish list. I’m thinking the list is a pretty good start for a mill wish list. Is it possible to build a mill that includes all these essential criteria? Yes and it’s here now. The Amann Girrbach Ceramill Motion 2. This second generation mill has been designed specifically to be upgradable and never become obsolete. Tomorrow, here today, the future is now!

For more info go to: or call 800-496-9500 (option 9)


Thanks for reading,

Bob Cohen, CDT

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