Open to Change- AG Adopts 98mm Fixture

For those of you that have followed me over the years you know I’m a big fan of open architecture for dental CAD CAM and everything related.  However, I must admit, I am an Apple fan. Yes, I’m the proud owner of a iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and MacBook Pro. I love the design of Apple products and the great integration between them all.

Through comprehensive market research, customer demand and subsequent analysis Amann Girrbach (AG) has decided to make a paradigm shift by adding a 98mm disc holder to all Ceramill Motion 2 mills and the new very economical Mikro mill. For AG, the worldwide leader in dental lab CAD CAM, the launch will begin today in the North American market and move through the world over the coming months. This ends a long term exclusive commitment to the AG 71mm “D” shaped disc holder. So, what does this really mean? A lot!

First, by reconfiguring the fixture to the industry standard 98mm, these AG mills can no longer be considered  “closed”. This is now as open as any mill in dental technology. Like most other mills, AG mills accept a standard STL file. The newly configured fixture will hold any 98mm disc with a shoulder. We have known for a long time the Ceramill Motion 2 is the most versatile mill when compared to any dental mill in its class. Built to be wet or dry, the Motion 2  is truly up to the task of going back and forth from wet to dry and back to wet on a daily basis.  A mill designed for best in class milling strategies and a very comprehensive list of indications. For instance, AG has the best strategy for precision milling of many indications such as titanium custom abutments. This is facilitated by having a continuous rotation of the abutment blank. Like a lathe, with continuous rotation of the “A” axis rotating the blank.  In addition to the abutment fixture, there are several others that enable milling of many other indications and materials, for what is the most versatile mill in dental.

Now that the AG mills come with the 98mm fixture, the perception of “closed” is completely gone. Looking more closely at this fully comprehensive CAD CAM system, one will quickly see this is not just about mills. In fact AG has a complete end to end system that has been integrated for ease of use, reduced learning curve, quality of output and all the materials one would require. A nearly seamless scan to CAD, CAD to CAM, CAM to mill with a great comprehensive materials, make Ceramill a system to be considered by all when shopping for dental CAD CAM.

Like Apple, Amann Girrbach is in a class of its own. Great products that are incredibly well integrated, well built and the chosen system by thousands of labs worldwide.

Thanks for reading,

Bob Cohen, CDT

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