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For those of you that follow my blog, you know I’m a fan of the multi-layered zirconia discs. In my opinion, both the Katana UTML and the AG Zolid FX Multi are arguably the most aesthetic monolithic materials available in dentistry today. These materials are pre-shaded making it necessary to mill from many discs every day. Does offering the best materials require additional labor and time for changing out discs from the mill?

It is certainly easy to nest all of your work into a single disc, load the mill and start the job. However, is it worth compromising your product to put all your files in a single disc? The answer is no. Doing so can lead to your competition providing superior restorations and potentially acquiring your customers. Let’s look at efficiencies that get the job done without adding a lot of labor. For starters, mill manufacturers have recognized that labs are moving to pre-shaded discs. Most of us have experienced complications when using colorants such as keeping units identified for shade when removing from the disc, contamination of sintering furnaces and the added labor and inventory of shading liquids. To provide labs products that improve efficiencies, some mill manufacturers are adding disc changers to their mills. For instance, the new Roland DWX-52DC mill holds 6 discs and performs auto disc changing on the fly. Now you can nest different shades in the shade appropriate disc, load the mill with multiple discs and just let it run. In addition, you can access the discs in the disc changer while the mill is running. I’m looking at multi-layered zirconia and mills with disc changers to become the norm in many labs this year.

The Roland DWX-52DC has been developed by utilizing the DWX-51D and integrating a six disc changer to the left side. The changer robotically moves discs in and out of the mill chamber. The cost of the mill is amazingly affordable and you can efficiently produce lights-out manufacturing. Your lab will be producing product while no one is there. In addition to adding the disc changer, the mill has been upgraded to hold 15 tools so new tools can be picked up as needed.

To see this mill in action and for additional information on the DWX-52DC, visit our website here.

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