inLab Now Available from CAP/Zahn



Henry Schein has now become a distributor of the comprehensive Dentsply Sirona inLab equipment. This laboratory CAD CAM system includes access to more than 17,000 clinicians through Sirona Connect.

This complete system starts with the inEos X5 scanner.  This scanner has many applications that include:

  • Impression scanning
  • Triple tray scanning
  • Conventional model scanning
  • Speed scanning
  • Multi die scanner
  • Wide angle optical view for scanning large articulators.

Next, CAD software. Like other lab solutions, the inLab software produces an STL file. The software concept has been developed to mimic the anatomic features of the surrounding dentition. This is unlike most of the current CAD solutions we have in the lab today.  There are also additional software modules included with the purchase of a system. These include the following:

  • Implants
  • Removables

CAM: No added expense as it comes with the mill, easy to operate.

MC XL mill for wet grinding of blocks. This is likely the fastest mill available for milling glass ceramics. Generally, a unit is milled in under 10 minutes. What’s unique, this product mills with two spindles working simultaneously.

The inLab MC X5 is a more conventional wet/dry 5-axis dental lab mill that provides precision milling of most materials that any lab would want to mill. Considering the indications available this mill is cost-effective and very versatile.

For more information on the entire inLab product line contact us at 800-496-9500 (option 9).

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