Buying CAD CAM From the Right Partner



When buying CAD CAM so many lab owners feel the need to price shop. This may be penny wise and dollar foolish. When purchasing CAD CAM it’s not about what you pay as much as it’s about how much you can make. For instance, if you pay $2-3K more for a machine the cost over 5 years is only about $50 a month. What if this savings cost you $10K, $20K or even $30K per month in lost profits?

At CAP we now have a 12 months to success program to help you get every dollar of profit out of your investment. This program is included with all scanner and mill purchases. You are entitled to $2500 worth of continuing education, at no charge, to help your lab thrive. The education includes programs that once complete will enable you to add products and services that you and your competition are likely not offering. Through these differentiating product offerings one can increase business from existing customers, and obtain new customers. We have setup the program so you can stretch out the education and new product launches for a full year. The programs includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Izir trainings
  • Implant planning and surgical guides
  • Comprehensive Implant Studio hands on
  • Digital denture design
  • Advanced 3Shape training, hands-on
  • Implant supported restoration design, hands-on
  • Basic 3Shape hands-on

In addition to these great programs all sales include our industry best CAP support.

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