Breaking the Barrier of the Hidden Costs of 3D Printing



Yes, 3D printing is becoming more popular in dental labs and clinics. Prior to purchase, we get all the information that describes a simple CAM and print procedure and in time we have parts printed. Prior to purchase most ask about material cost, length of print cycle and cost of operation over a few years. One much less discussed topics are cleaning and final curing of the print material. Cleaning the uncured resin of the build and build plate once the printer has finished the job is a labor-intensive process that never seems to come to light until one has purchased the printer.  In addition, the uncured material that needs removal can be hazardous to skin, eyes and when inhaling.

Through R&D efforts, Formlabs has launched the Form Wash, making cleaning simple and nearly labor-free. The process is quite simple. Once the print is complete one removes the build plate with the build attached and simply places the plate and build into the Form Wash. Set the corresponding timer to the material you have printed and press start. During the cleaning cycle, the liquid is circulated resulting in a labor-free and totally clean build job.

In addition to the Form Wash, Formlabs has also developed a new curing light box, the Form Cure. Once cleaned, the build is removed from the build plate and placed into the Form Cure for a predetermined cure time that ensures a full cure and maximizes each material’s mechanical properties.

To learn more about the Form Wash or Form Cure call us at 800-496-9500

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