Baby Boomers Mean Big Boom in Demand for Partials

| Kris Schermerhorn, CDT |


“The aging of baby boomers means that within just a couple of decades, older people are projected to outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history,” said Jonathan Vespa, a demographer with the U.S. Census Bureau. [US Census Bureau, 2018]

The aging U.S. population will be transformative for the dental industry, especially in the area of removable prosthetics. Removable partial dentures (“RPD”) are already a proven and cost-effective treatment option for the partially dentate patient. The baby-boomer generation, all of whom will have reached 65 years of age by 2030, are increasingly looking for the most aesthetic, comfortable, and metal-free treatment options. Advanced thermoplastic materials are ideally suited to help meet that expanding need among the older population.

Myerson is a leader in offering advanced thermoplastic for making metal-free partial denture frameworks, both tooth-borne and tissue-borne. Myerson’s popular DuraFlex and VisiClear materials are now available in a millable disc, which integrates seamlessly into a digital workflow.

Due to its unique chemical properties, DuraFlex and its sister product, VisiClear, do not absorb water, resulting in a partial denture that is resistant to stains, bacteria, and odors. In the event that the surface is stained, the appliance can easily be restored with a cleaner or polish. Adding clasps or making repairs is simple and takes less than 30 minutes with Myerson’s Hot Shot Elite injector. A digital workflow results in an excellent fit due to the accuracy offered by scanned models and digital manufacturing.

Whether you are a removable lab interested in going digital or a digital lab interested in adding a removable department, DuraFlex CAD and VisiClear CAD represent new opportunities to become more efficient, expand your product offering, and deliver a cutting-edge product that doctors and patients alike will appreciate.


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