Are you Open to Change?


When the Wright brothers made the infamous first air flight in December of 1903, there was a lucrative train transportation industry in the U.S. This first flight represented incredible opportunity to a robust railroad transportation industry. The problem back in the mid 1900’s was that the rail companies viewed themselves as being in the rail industry. Had they looked at their business as a transportation company, then many of the big rail companies could have capitalized on air travel. Instead, sales declined as people took to the air for travel, new companies flourished and many of the largest train companies in the U.S. went out of business. Throughout the decades this story has repeated itself over and over again. More recently, companies like Kodak and Blockbuster went from giants to obsolescence due to an inability to understand the market, embrace new technology, and move with the advancement in technology.

That said, like the railroad industry, Kodak and many others, dental technology is rapidly changing and changing forever. For many that are hand waxing, casting and working with a brush, the days are limited. Today, the vast majority of crowns are produced using CAD CAM and more dentists now more than ever have chair side mills. In spite of all the change there is significant opportunity in dental technology. The opportunity lies in technology areas where dental technicians can offer state-of-the-art digital products and new digital services. Embrace the change and fly into the new paradigm of dental technology.  Bring new services and products to your leads and customers and help them move into the digital world of dentistry. History has shown that those that change will survive and the old school will soon disappear.

Next, I would like to look at potential opportunities for dental labs to remain cutting edge. Some opportunities are simple to embrace while others require some retooling and/or additional education.

Here is my list of “Remain Viable Products and Services for Dental Labs”:

  • Implant planning and surgical guides
  • All on 4 conversions
  • Izir, full arch full contour screw retained zirconia restorations
  • Sleep appliances
  • Working with the best in class material to offer best in clss restorations
  • Model free crowns from digital impressions
  • Digital dentures
  • Ortho planning and aligners
  • Add a CBCT scanner to your lab and offer scan services

I am sure there are many more coming. The key, do not procrastinate, make the needed changes to remain viable and thrive. Thanks for reading!

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