Amann Girrbach, End-to-End Integration

Recently, Amann Girrbach (AG) agreed to open distribution of the Artex articulator product line to CAP.  As a result, CAP will now distribute the entire AG end-to-end dental lab solution. What’s intriguing, AG is the only company worldwide to have closed the loop on a fully integrated hybrid dental lab manufacturing solution. This hybrid system includes both digital and analog devices, materials, consumables, and software, engineered with precision in mind.

It All Starts With Model Management

We have all heard, “the case can only be as good as the models”. The product line starts with an efficient, cost effective, highly accurate model room product line. The Smartbox is loaded with die stone, water and a program that stores the correct measurements of each. With a push of a button, the liquid and powder are poured, hands free into a mixing bowl. The Smartmix mixes the combination under vacuum with a unique paddle for optimal quality end product. The Giroform, single pour, removable die model system has been independently tested and proven to provide the most accurate removable die models. In fact, Giroform has been developed to remove the inaccuracy of expansion during the chemical reaction of the setting of die stone. This combination of products enable lean production with the highest level of tolerance to enable production of very accurate crown and bridge work.

An Amazingly Comprehensive Articulator Platform

Next, the Artex articulator system. This is likely the most well thought out comprehensive semi-adjustable, system of articulators available in dental. With a lineup of two arcon and three non-arcon articulators, as well as a model room only articulator, there is likely an adjustable articulator for all to meet most needs. To round out the system, AG has included an easy-to-use facebow and an Artex scan jig for scanning Artex articulated casts in the AG Map 400 lab scanner. Lastly, AG has also included the Artex articulator in the Mind CAD software. This enables a CAD designer to go through functional movements on a virtual Artex articulator while performing CAD, just like on the bench.

Open Architecture CAD CAM

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m a fan of open architecture for CAD CAM in the lab. AG has developed a future-proof, completely open architecture CAD CAM system, the Ceramill System. Now with a choice of two scanners, two mills, and sintering furnaces for zirconia and Sintron. To round out the product line, the scanners come with CAD and the mills come with CAM software for a best-in-class integrated and open solution. One can select any part of the Ceramill system or use it as intended, as a comprehensive CAD CAM production center.

Milling Materials for Every Lab

To round out the product line AG has PMMA, Wax, Sintron and a line up of zirconia. For more info on dry milling pre sintered Sintron CrCo you can read a previous post here

The AG zirconia product line has it all. A framework material, high trans, Zolid (1100 MPa) in white with a matching coloring kit, and pre-shaded. The newly introduced, Zolid FX, super translucent (600 MPa) has been added to the existing high translucent Zolid zirconia family. Other new additions, a matching Fasthetix coloring kit that works on both Zolid and Zolid FX. Coming this month, Zolid  FX pre-shaded and FX multi-shaded zirconia. The AG material lineup is state-of-the-art and a competitively priced solution for all labs.

In conclusion, if you are in the market to produce the best model and die, or needing the most technician-friendly semi-adjustable articulator or any part of a comprehensive CAD CAM system and related materials, it’s now all available from one manufacturer, Amann Girrbach and one distributor, CAP.


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