Taking a Great Dental Photo, Made Easy


A picture is worth a thousand words. For communicating color and smile design, there is nothing better than a quality photo. That said, taking a high quality dental photo has generally included purchasing an expensive SLR camera and flash and then learning how to use it. The learning curve for doing this is difficult and time consuming. For most of us, spare time is a challenge. While walking around IDS I visited the Smile Line exhibit. Smile Line makes a lot of great products for dental technicians. This product is great for both clinicians and technicians.

The Product:

A new product launch by Smile Line, the Smile Lite MDP enables users a very affordable easy to operate flash setup that enables dental professionals a very simple solution to what has historically not been easy. The Smile Lite is used in conjunction with most any smart phone. Smart phones now come with high resolution cameras and adding the Smile Lite makes for easy to shoot, high-quality photography.

How it works:

This simple to use flash frame has a built in cell phone holder on the back. Simply slide your phone into the Smile Lite and you are ready to shoot. For anterior shots, you click one button and this sets the two side lights to flash. For posterior photography, push another button and the center flash is turned on. Simply frame you picture and click the shutter on your smart phone and the picture is taken with an amazing detail capture of color and surface definition.


There is now a simple solution for taking high-quality dental photos. In addition, having these photos on a cell phone makes for very efficient transfer from you to a lab or another specialist by email or sending a text. There is also a Smile Lite app that helps you keep patient photos organized for the long term. Today, through 3 years of Smile Line development, you can continuously save yourself a thousand words for under $600. You should check out this new product and improve your photography and communication with the entire team.

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