What Quality Tech Support Means to You


CAP has assembled the largest digital Tech Support team for dental labs in North America. This team operates from 8:00AM to 8:00PM EST Monday thru Friday. This team of 16 has been trained in CAP’s milling center and have extensive experience with all the equipment sold by CAP. By purchasing equipment from CAP, you have direct access to a million dollar support team with deep real-world digital manufacturing experience. Most of our support technicians have personally scanned, designed, or milled over 20,000 units in our milling center.

As companies grow, they tend to compromise their support, especially when they do not charge for support, because the economics do not make sense for them.  It costs money to put highly experienced people on the phones. CAP is fully committed to maintaining our high support standards as we continue to grow as the leading CAD/CAM provider in the industry.  We’ve proven this, as our satisfaction numbers have increased over the last four years to 98%.

When buying equipment, other distributors simply pass through manufacturer license fees and have no charge for support. Bottom line, you get what you pay for. A no-charge support policy will generally result in poor or NO support. Having a mill in your lab is like adding about four technicians. When you have a problem or when your mill goes down, your operation comes to a stand still. Too often it’s not until this time that many labs understand the value of quality technical support. Without a doubt, buying equipment from CAP includes world class support. It is our belief, this level of protection is instrumental for all labs.

One thing that many people are not aware of, is that we enable our customers to access our million dollar support team and waive the support fees when our customers are buying consumables from us. This enables us to fund our support team, to continue providing the best in class support, while enabling you to buy the best products you already use every day.  We offer the broadest array of zirconia in the business, including brands like BruxZir, Sagemax, Dental Direkt CubeX2, Amann Girrbach, and several of our own lines of CAP zirconia.  We now carry over 4,500 different lab products including implant components, tools, wax, pmma, porcelains, and even stone and investment.

CAP exists to help you thrive.

Thanks for reading,

Bob Cohen, CDT

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