IDS 2017, What a Show!



I just got back from Cologne, Germany and my guess is that was the most well-attended IDS ever. The floors, hallways and courtyard were all swarming with dental professionals. Also unusual, the temperature was in the 60s and 70s most days, so walking through Cologne was a pleasure. I produced a bunch of “What’s Cohen On” videos and will post these throughout the week. There is no doubt that IDS 2017 was the year of digital dentures and 3D printing. These concepts were everywhere. Here are just a few of my takeaways from IDS. Unfortunately, I would need a novel-sized blog to write about all of it, so here is the abridged version.

First, 3Shape showed the TRIOS 3, a wireless handheld wand, shaped like the previous wand with no cord. I was thinking this would definitely add to the convenience of use in the office but in no way expected it to be so well-received by so many dentists. The larger than ever 3Shape booth was jammed with people for five days straight. New software integrations, the “E” series desktop scanners, impression scanning and new easier-to-use software was abundant.

Formlabs’ Form 2 3D printers were likely found at more than 50 different booths. The Formlabs booth, like 3Shape, was swarming with people interested in this product. This was THE only printer at IDS that comes with a 2-3 month ROI and is accurate for so many dental applications.

Dental Direkt showed a new 600 MPa multi-layered zirconia that will be released soon. But more impressive was the CubeX HS (HS for high strength) zirconia disc at 1000 MPa with translucency just slightly less than CubeX2. They had many restorations made with this new material and they all looked beautiful. This will be available late this year.

Amann Girrbach has finalized the Zolid FX Multi zirconia solution by adding the C & D shades to the system. As you probably know, I have been of the opinion that this is the most esthetic zirconia available. Now the system is complete with C & D shade discs being shipped to the US next week.

Digital dentures will be both printed and milled as we move through this year. It looks like we will have an economical offering through 3D print technology. A high-end denture will be fabricated through milling. Like casting and the brush, conventional denture fabrication will now begin to go to CAD CAM production. In addition, there are several new digital technologies that enable a two appointment denture.

Ivoclar showed 4 new mills, one specifically designed for chairside. This low-cost mill, designed to mill emax, will surely be packaged with an IOS to provide a lower cost chairside solution. Unfortunately for the dental labs, this will likely increase chairside production.

One of my biggest disappointments with IDS 2017 is that so few of us attended from the US. This is by far the greatest dental show on earth. To witness this just once is so amazing, not to mention the cultural experience of being in Cologne for a week. The history, the many German pubs and friendly people make this a wonderful experience. I just got home and can’t wait for IDS 2019 and hope to see you all there.

Thanks for reading.

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