Dental Tech Resolutions for 2017



Wow! Another year has passed and a new one is upon us. I always like to look back to see where we succeeded as well as where I believe we missed. Here are 5 ideas of New Years resolutions for lab owners and managers that are possible to achieve in a year.

1. Education

Things are changing so fast that it can be difficult to keep up. Perhaps you did a bunch of CEU’s last year, perhaps not. Well, things are going to be different this year for sure. The further you fall behind, the more difficult it will be to compete. Doing just two days or 14 hours of the right educational programs can help take you to the next level. Becoming more knowledgeable will help you thrive. Check out the CAP/Zahn education calendar here.

2. Invest in Yourself

Pull the trigger on that investment you have been considering but are a little apprehensive of. Investing in yourself is the number one way to grow your business, your profits and your net worth. For more on this, read my full blog about the importance of investing in yourself.

3. Introduce a New Product

Bring in a minimum of one new product that can get you in the door of that dentist you have been thinking it would be great to convert to becoming your customer. Chances are this dentist is happy with the lab he is using. That said, getting her attention by offering a product she can not obtain from their current lab is the easiest way to get started. Once you get a foot in the door it is much easier to get additional work. For a more detailed approach for which products to consider adding, read this blog.

4. Become a Little More Lean

Go through your entire lab and everything that is not used on a monthly basis should be removed from bench drawers. Pull out excess inventory form staff benches as well. If you employ more than 7 or 8 technicians, it’s likely you are ordering consumables you already have in drawers. For more details on becoming lean, download our complimentary ebook; Turbocharge Your Lab With Lean Manufacturing.

5. Improve Communication

Deploy a plan to improve communication with both staff and customers. Like dental technology, communication alternatives and technology have changed. For customers, I would suggest asking their preferred way of contact; phone call, text, video conference or email. If they prefer by phone, ask what number is best. I have some customers that want a call direct to his or her cell. Many like receiving texts. Texts are great as they can be viewed and answered very quickly and you can add photos easily as well. Staff communication or collaboration can be set up a few ways and done correctly and will likely make them feel more a part of the lab, improve morale and inspire them to embrace the task at hand. I’ve had great success with implementing a morning huddle; you can read more about that here.

Wishing you the best in 2017.

Happy New Year

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