About Us

We believe that the digital transition for dental laboratories is a process, not an event. We help our customers make this transition through a series of steps that they take when they are ready.

Scan and Design Equipment

For customers looking to take the next step to scan and design restorations for themselves, Zahn Digital Solutions offers best-in-class CAD equipment to help you speed up turn-around times, gain design control, and reduce costs.

Fabrication Equipment

For many labs, it will make sense to bring the fabrication of certain products in-house.  As the cost of fabrication equipment is dropping, the return on investment can be tremendous even for labs with relatively low volume.  Zahn Digital Solutions can help you integrate a mill or printer in your laboratory, train and educate your team on optimal digital workflows, and processes for achieving superior results efficiently.

With all of our solutions, we believe that open systems are the best choice at this stage in the evolution of digital dentistry.